The world of Project: Passion Universe holds many stories, some larger than others, but all are equally important. Coming together to create an expansive realm of heroes, villains, gods, and other forces.

Main Stories Edit

Star Guardians: The legacy of a team of heroic individuals that travel the galaxy to fight the evils that lurk.

Cosmic Paradise: The roaming kingdom-sized ship of the same name and the adventures of the royal family that own it.

Side Stories Edit

Turbo Team: The trio of Snare, Nylo, and Bella Notre and their misadventures through the cosmos.

Comet: Lone wolf bounty hunter Comet hunts down the worst of the worst in the universe to wipe away a long overdue debt.

Versa Vice: Terran Demon Eligos and his partner Oliver South investigate crimes in the town of Versa, helping along are owners of the Card House Alexander and Mary Cortez.

Sin-Star: Azuri, escaped convict on the run from the Intergalactic Government, creates a team of criminals to help her set her sights on spreading chaos and ruling over the planet.

Sweet Dreamer: Famed vigilante of the Lunar Empire and his battles against the likes of nightmare demons Runemaro and Skir.

Lore Stories Edit

These stories are more lore/world building based.

Sages and Gods: Tales of the Sages and gods in the early days of the universe.

Demons: Stories of Noron's past of humans against Terran Demons.

Dreamcatchers: Lore of the guild of Dreamcatchers, aura users that protect the dreamtime realm from Nightmare Demons.

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