Star Guardians Edit

The main story regarding the escapades of the team of the same name. Lead by Jonmire Lumos, he and his friends and comrades travel the galaxing, slowly getting wrapped into the world of the Sages and gods themselves.

Star Guardians Members Edit

Jonmire Lumos: Founder and leader of the Star Guardians, the enigmatic jester always puts others ahead of himself.

Snap "Daddy" Cadone: Former mobster-turned-Guardian Snap is a force of power, the only thing worse than his strength is his mouth.

Cosmolass: Eccentric fighter and former wildlife activist, Cosmolass joined the Star Guardians to further her dreams of protecting the worlds and it's inhabitants.

Acklar: Ace pilot of the legendary ship V-Nus, veteran Acklar is a wise (both in knowledge and cockiness) aggrobide who enjoys showing his stuff.

Parallax: Acklar's pet starhound, a loving, and fearsome beast. She is considered just as much a member as the rest.

Gemini: Glitched and scrapped experiment of Diamond Labs, Gemini's personality of often nervous and timid, but they do their best for helping the team.

Story Arcs Edit

Act I: Edit

Lunar Empire


Chaos in the East

Shadows of the Past

Intermission: Edit

Wild Fantasy

In the Flesh


Act II: Edit

Under the Sages


Eternity's End

Villains Edit




Chaos Virus

Shadow Banshee




Other Characters Edit

(to be added later)

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