Jonmire Lumos
Jonmire Sprite
Vital statistics
Position Male (He/him)
Age (physical) 19, (Actual) 234
Status Human
Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight 166 lbs.
The founder and leader of the Star Guardians, Jonmire Lumos is the ruling member of the team. Jonmire is a mystical Aura user who can also wield a sword in combat. He aspires to do the best he can for the universe and the many who live in it.

Design Edit

He is of a slender build, about average human male height for his physical age. Jonmire dresses in a colorful visage of a jester uniform, with a red, purple, blue, and yellow hat, gold epaulets, a red shirt with 4 gold buttons, gray pants, and brown gloves and boots. Jonmire wears glasses and posses a diamond eye for his left eye.

Personality Edit

Jonmire's personality is a cheerful and outgoing one. He is always putting everything and everyone ahead of himself. Jon keeps a polite and graceful appearance, he uses his body frequently while communicating, be it his hands or his whole body. Jon's views on the universe is that he is always hopeful of something good to happen. Jonmire does his best to keep a cool composure, and while it does take a lot to get to him, when something does he will go ballistic, he tries to keep control but when enraged his aural power will take over.

History Edit



Act I

Act II

Abilities Edit

Jonmire is a skilled sword fighter, using his trademark blade of ruby, "Crimson", he maintains a swift and energetic force in battle. Jon also possesses the ability of an Aura user, he can use aura for light, projectiles, or to strengthen his force (such as a punch with aura to make it more powerful)

When enraged, Jon's aura turns bright red and drowns his body, creating a gigantic explosion that will obliterate anything within it's range. Another incredible ability Jonmire possesses is his aural spirit "Iron Will", an unbreakable shield of silver aura that gives him unequaled strength.

Gallery Edit

Jon bath
Jonmire SU distance render
The puppet master of fate
Commission jonmire by juledrops-d7k53bv
Iron Will

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