Gemini "Sprite" (to be put later, I will need help with putting images in an infobox)
Some attributes
First Species: Robot
Second Gender: Neutral (They/Them)
Third Abilities: Stretch their arms for combat
Other attributes
Fourth Height: 5'6
Fifth Weight: 212 lbs.
The scrapped experiment of Cosmopolis' "Diamond Labs", Gemini is the awkward and twitch member of Star Guardians. They're the colorful droid who often avoids confrontations, but won't be afraid to fend them self and others if necessary.

Design Edit

Gemini's design is of a round build, short stature. Their design was themed after jesters, from the hat/cloak theme to their pointed shoes, the scientists at Diamond Labs were inspired by the persona of Jonmire Lumas himself when designing the robot. Gemini's palette consists of shades of purples, blues, along with gray, and white. Gemini's "Hat" function as antennae for auditory/sensory purposes, their eyes glow through the hole where their face is. On Gemini's chest is themed after the Drama Mask of Comedy. Gemini has black/blue striped arms and that stretch to help their clawed hands with combat and trivial needs.

Personality Edit

Gemini is considered by most to not "entirely be on up there" due to them being a scrapped experiment due to a short circuiting on their programming. The damages induced a very shy and cautious nature to the robot. Gemini is normally quite scared but keeps it to them self. Even with the Star Guardians, who they consider family, they are not perceived to really be open to others. On the contrary, Gemini does show care for others and does what they can to help, from comforting, to defending.

History Edit

Gemini was build by "Diamond Labs" a robotics research facility in the city of Cosmopolis. They were designed to be a helper/guard for the populous, but the project was scrapped by the higher ups, leaving the scientists who created them to rid of Gemini. While the scientists cared for them, other workers were not so kind, quite literally throwing them out. Gemini would lurk and wonder the country, until meeting up with Acklar. Later in the timeline, the two would meet Jonmire Lumos, recruiting for his Star Guardians team.

Over time Gemini would grow accustomed to the group that would later include Snap and Cosmolass. While not perceived as comfortable, Gemini had never felt as similar to "relaxed" as they had with their friends, to the point where Gemini would tell Jonmire and the group they went by "them", having never liked being called a "he" or an "it" by their creators.

Gemini now is a valued member of the team, they're help in combat and investigation is unmatched, and they are considered a member of the family of guardians.

Abilities Edit

Gemini possesses great strength and capabilities in combat, while they can suffer from a glitch occasionally in their system, with their power and ability to stretch their arms, handling them self in fights is an understatement.

Gemini also later learns of their ability to "link" with software. In the Uncoded arc, they link with anti-virus program Encryp.SHN, forming "Gemini Uncoded" to fight against Epsilon's "Pryme" form when Epsilon takes over Orbit Station No. 1. Gemini becomes a pioneer in the "Link" system, leading other machines to learn to amplify their own abilities.

However, in the "Chaos in the East" arc, during the search for Chaos Virus, Gemini becomes linked with the force itself, becoming "Infected Gemini" and fighting against Snap.

Gallery Edit

AU Gemini
Infected Gemini
Snap gem
Gemini doodle
Gemini Render
Infected Gemini cover
Infected Gemini piece
Gemini sprite

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